4 years on…


Wow! Its been 4 years since I first started this blog, and little has changed, really! Still itchy, still using cream – although the best I’ve found is Aveeno. Oats really do work well!


I have realised that the reason my skin flares up in the winter, is not for any reason other than the heating and the cold weather! My skin dries out, and gets sore. Simple!

Bring on the warmer weather!

Hi All – thanks for all your comments on my last topic. I’m still using the surcare washing liquid and it isn’t causing me any problems, so I’ll go on using it. I use non-bio too, but tend to stick to the surcare for my own clothes since they’re going to be in contact with my skin for longer.

The reason for the long break is I got married at the end of March, and had lots of other things on my mind! I wondered if the background stress was encouraging lots of extra dry itchy patches to appear, but having been away on holiday I’m not so sure now. 

We were very lucky, and after two years of saving, we went to Mauritius on holiday. The climate is hot and humid, but breezy, and just about suited me because I don’t do very well in extreme heat. I burn, I feel ill and I have to stick to the shade – and stick to the shade was what I did!!

We were only in Mauritius a week, but I didn’t itch or scratch while I was there, and most of my more troublesome patches started to heal up!! All I can think of was that it was a combination of: not wearing my jeans or any other heavy fabrics against my skin, constantly being warm and sweaty, having UV light on a lot more of my skin than normal, and swimming in sea-water.   Some or all of these factors helped – and it was like magic! Trouble is, I couldn’t have managed to stay in the heat for any longer than the week, but I definitely think it helped. Unfortunately, within days of being home to England, I was dry and itchy again. I have three new very annoying patches on my tummy which are waking me at night now. Meh.

I think I will try the following:

1) Try another emollient which contains urea – perhaps Eucerin as recommended by Jonat in my last post. Natural urea is found in sweat – so I wonder if it might help?

2) Buy some Piriton to take before bed. Piriton knocks me comatose if I take it in the day, but its a good anti-histamine and hopefully will help stop me waking in the night.  

3) Try to lay out in the sunshine in my swimsuit for 10 minutes if at all possible.

4) Avoid wearing Jeans. I’ve stuck to my lightweight trousers since I noticed the new patches appear.

5) I probably need to have at least one emollient bath a week, rather than relying on just a shower a day. My lower legs are incredibly dry from standing in the shower, so I should try to rehydrate them a bit. Not sure what with at this stage, but I’ll see what I can find.

Lets see how the programme goes.

How about you folks? Any tips?

I’m doing my best to put a barrier between my skin and my outer clothes at the moment by liberally rubbing in E45 (the lotion is easier to cover larger areas than the ordinary cream) and then covering my torso and hips with a cotton vest. Not the sexiest underwear, but it does seem to be helping a little.

Oh, and I’ve started using Surcare liquid for my washing, which I hope will also help!



I’m going to try wearing a cotton vest, and change my washing liquid to see if it helps reduce the dry patches on my torso and the scratching.

I’ve just spent two evenings at my parents house with the dogs, and I’ve definitely reacted to the allergens in that place – by eyes and nose are streaming!!

I’ll let you know how I get on – but I’d love to hear from you too. xx

Well, I’ve had a week or so off over christmas, which has been lovely, but I’m suffering. Time off really doesn’t seem to agree with me!

I’ve told you before of the two dry patches on either side of my tummy – which are annoying, and have been there years now. Sometimes they’re better, sometimes they’re worse. About two weeks ago, my need to scratch became overwhelming, especially at night, and I suddenly realised it wasn’t just the two ‘normal’ spots on my tummy. I realised I have another small area of dry on my right side, further up, under my breast, and that most of my back, just below waistband level was dry and red-looking.

Bloody annoying, I can tell you for nothing!

What’s changed?

I’ve been in the house in the central-heating a bit more, and I’ve been using a different anti-perspirant. One that promised to be kind to skin.

I guess it lied.

I’m going back to my old one again – to see if it gets better.




I’m still scratching, but I haven’t felt much like talking about it lately.



How are you all doing?