So Why this Blog, then?



I was amazed by the number of people searching for information on dry skin and eczema who got directed to my other blog by search engines. As an eczema sufferer myself, I’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot out there on the WWW about skin conditions that real people can understand very well – so I decided to start something new.

Hopefully other people will contribute and we can build up a source of information for others who are struggling.

If you have eczema – or another skin condition, and you’d like to make some suggestions for topics on this blog – please comment.

 Spaniel xx


7 Responses to “So Why this Blog, then?”

  1. 1 Joe

    Just stumbled upon this site as I had googled eczema plaster.

    I have recently had an outbreak of eczema after a few years of being clear.

    Its under the size of a pound coin but unfortunately is on my hand so everyone can see how gross it is!

    I see you use E45 and other creams but do you use any other ‘treatments’?

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Joe. No, I don’t use alternative therapy treatments – have you? what did you think of them?

  3. 3 Joe

    Hiya. I first had eczema when I was a baby and my mum took me to the doctors but what they perscribed didnt shift it. Since then I had Homeopathic treatments which have worked to varying degrees but it can take a while to clear it. This time I am thinking of seeing a doctor and seeing what they perscribe but I am a bit wary as I hear the side-effects of steroid creams are quite harsh.

  4. I don’t think so. A lady Dr I know who has very bad eczema uses some fantastic emollients and steriod creams too. The secret of getting them to work is good, regular use. I’ve not heard of any side effects of creams.

  5. 5 Joe

    Regarding the steroid creams they are mostly concerning thining of the skin and weakening of the imune system.

    The use of Elidel and Protopic eczema drugs sounds a bit more severe:

    Mine still hasnt gone and my arms are getting itchy all over – hope this isnt a breakout!

  6. 6 Ben

    Hi there, I have been an eczema sufferer for 20 years….many treatments are simply bogus or downright dangerous. I’d highly recommend searching for natural alternatives or eczema treatment through use of an eczema diet. I am li ving proof that ongoing harsh steroid creams give long term negative side effects (atrophy of the skin) I have alot of info on my blog at and I’m happy to post more information here for us to share. For those with eczema it’s tough and any help is good help in my opinion.

  7. Same reason I started my blog! I’ve been trying so many different products that I thought I may as well share my learnings and try to help others.

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