Elave – lovely shower gel


I bought some shower gel from this lovely on-line shop, and I’ve been trying it for a few days now. Since I’m used to using creamy E45 emolient, this is very different, and much more runny. Its a liquidy-gel, really and almost clear. It goes on easily – much easier than E45, and leaves you feeling clean rather than greasy.  At £3.49 its not hugely expensive – especially compared to the price of rival shower creams for problem skin in Boots, so I think its worth a try.

The other one I use is E45 Junior Hand and Body Wash which is a gel and has coloured moisture beads in it. I think the Elave is better for using in the shower – it has certainly left my skin feeling a lot smoother and less dry than the E45 junior, but has given me much better coverage of my skin than the plain E45 cream. It may be psychological, but it seems to be working.

Has anyone else tried these?


5 Responses to “Elave – lovely shower gel”

  1. 1 Cheekygirl

    I have tried elave shower and I agree totally. It cleans my skin without irritating and my eczema patches have improved dramatically. I found it in my local pharmacy & Boots and on their website they have a handy store locator.

    I also use their shampoo and intensive cream. The girl in the pharmacy said it was really important to use the shampoo as regular shampoos can irritate the skin as they rinse off in the shower..I suppose I shoul have thought of that already! Using the 3 products together have made a real difference to my skin. I no longer feel like scrating my skin off after I shower.

    Has anyone tried their hand wash as I also suffer from hand dermatitis?

  2. Hi Cheeky – I’ve got a sample of their hand wash – I”ll give it a go.
    I didn’t realise you could get in Boots – I’ll have a look for it.

  3. 3 Cheekygirl

    Its only in some larger stores but I asked my local pharmacy to get it in for me.

    I see from their website they have a range for kids and babies too.

  4. How’s the eczema?

    Found any interesting cures?

  5. This is quite a hot information. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

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