Won’t go….


Well, the 5p-sized patch of eczema on my tummy that I’ve had since June 2006, still won’t go. If it had been on my arm or leg, I could have slapped on the emollient, and bandaged on a small dressing to keep it hydrated. I reckon it would have gone by now, had that been the case.

Trouble is, the patch is just below my waist-band line, and tends to rub a lot against my clothes, which makes keeping it hydrated a problem. I just can’t find a way to keep the dressing on without glueing the dressing to my skin, which is counterproductive, because I react to all the adhesive dressings I’ve tried – even the hypoallergenic ones.

Anyone got any ideas?  If you’re used to wet-wrapping, how do you cope with covering your tummy and torso?


5 Responses to “Won’t go….”

  1. Hi,

    If you want to use wet-wraps on your torso you can use large sized tube-bandage. You can make cuts to fit your arms and head and just wear it like a shirt.

    I added you to my blogroll, I have a blog about eczema in Dutch.



  2. 2 Cheekygirl

    The fact that the dry eczema patch is on your waistline might mean that your clothes may be causing or adding to the flare-up. A friend of mine, suffered from a dry itchy patch on his stomach and as it turned out, he was allergic to the back of the button on his jeans and the metal in his belt. Could this be the case with you?

  3. 3 scratchit

    I am getting this too now.

    Have been wearing a plaster for a few weeks on my hand and on one side where the sticky bit goes its all red but it might just be the eczema has spread?

    Swings and roundabouts….

  4. 4 scrachit

    I have tried looking for a plaster that doesnt contaitn anything bad in the glue but they don’t list their ingredients.

    Has anyone else found a rosin free plaster?

  5. Scratchit, I get an allergic reaction to anything that sticks to my skin. I’ve yet to find a glue on a plaster that I don’t react to.

    (Interestingly I don’t get a reaction to Bostick superglue. Wonder why that is?!!!)

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