More Dry Patches


Remember the tale of the patch of eczema on my tummy that won’t go away?

Well, after 10 months of being lonely, it now has some friends. I’ve got two others, at a similar level (just below my waist), one on my front and one on my back. I just don’t get it.

Anyway, I bought new jeans today, some better quality ones that are much softer than the old cheap ones. Perhaps that will help.


5 Responses to “More Dry Patches”

  1. That doesnt sound good.

    I have just started using some Hc45 Hydrocortisone Cream for the first time on my eczema and it has started to clear it up pretty well. Its just a red patch now.

    Have you ever tried it?

  2. Yeah, I use that quite regularly. Maybe I should use it more.

  3. It says to only use it for seven days though.

    Not sure when you can resume using it.

  4. omg.. that is so like me. I kept scratching my tummy that 1 dry patch becomes like 4 of them. Now it’s dry and when it’s not dry, it’s a dark, blackish colour. Btw, do you know if the mark will subside later on? or would it be there forever..? thx..

  5. Don’t know Monica – but I have a similar patch which is now darker than the rest of my skin. Odd.

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