Allergy Show


I went to the Allergy Show at Olympia last year, and have been sent the flyer for this year’s event. Again its at Olympia in London, and is on in June (15th – 17th June to be precise). I’m not going to be able to go this year – but I found it useful going along last year. As teh name suggests, its not just about eczema or asthma – there’s loads of help with food allergies and all manner of other related items. It was great to see what’s on the market now for us ‘Lergics.

If you order your ticket online its £6 or £9 on the door. You usually get lots of goodies.

There’s a programme of seminars on Sensitive Skin and Eczema this year – so if you get the chance to go, please report back anything you find!


6 Responses to “Allergy Show”

  1. That looks useful, the saturday looks like the best day.

  2. 2 azah

    Hey There,

    Just to let you know, I’ve added your blog to my blog now 🙂 lets all not suffer in silence! 🙂



  3. Have you seen the new ad for elave which shows they have nothing-to-hide, literally nothing!!!

    It says on their home page that they will be at the allergy show in london.

  4. That’s fabulous!
    I can’t believe there are so many attractive people working there, though….
    Elave products are great. I really like their face wash and shower gel.

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  6. 6 DMcD

    Try Calendula cream ——- after 40 years of having this affliction , I finally found this to be what works great for me ——– better than anything any doctor had ever given me (including tetracycline). Apply every day for a week or so then , depending on results , every week or so after that. I also found , after decades of suffering thru this , that eczema is an “allergy” (in my case , smoking). I know this to be true because I quit for a year and a half and after 4 or 5 months , it went away (for the 1st time in 35 years) and didn’t come back till about 2 months after I started smoking again. Find the cause (smoking , lipstick , soaps , peanuts , whatever) and you’ll live happily ever after.

    If you find this to work for you , please pass-on this info to others.

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