Book Review


I recently bought a book called: Eczema: The treatments and therapies that really work. Its supported by the National Eczema Society, and written by Charman and Lawton – two medical professionals in the world of dermatology.

I’ve read most of it, and I found it really helped me to understand the eczema that I suffer from. Its in a nice Question and Answer format, and is an easy read. I won’t say that its cured my eczema – because i don’t think that’s ever going to be possible –¬†but it has helped me understand what I can do to help myself.

Its certainly worth a look.


One Response to “Book Review”

  1. 1 Penny

    Hi Drunken Spaniel,
    I am a sufferer of eczema and have been dealing with this for about 20 years. Mine is on my hands and feet. Right now it is horrible! I’m currently moving into my father’s house due to his death in June. And I currently have 2 other houses on the market to sell. I’m sure stress is making my eczema flare up. But, after reading some of your blog and you mentioning that you have a problem with cheap jewelry I got to thinking. Your patch is on your tummy, below the waist…do you think that you may be allergic to the metal zipper or rivits on your jeans or other pants with zippers? If I were you I’d try for a whole month not wearing any pants with zippers. I don’t know–just a thought. As for me, I’m just trying to get through the day. Good Luck and hang in there-I’m right there with you!

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