I caught myself absent-mindedly scratching just inside my waistband where my eczema patches stubbonly remain after well over 12 months now. How long have I been doing this and not noticing? How will I ever know????

Meh. Gonna slap the hydrocortisone on tonight and hope for the best.



8 Responses to “Scratching”

  1. I work with a company here in Boulder, CO called Peaceful Mountain They have wonderful herbal creams and gels for different chronic issues like eczema. would you be interested in testing their eczema product called Eczederm Rescue? It has helped so many people find relief from the pain and itching associated with Eczema.


  2. hey i am from edinburgh scotland and i didn’t know i had eczema until last week… i think i had it like 3-4 years ago… i didn’t know it’s a disease… the flakings and peelings after bath… i kept scratching them off and they appeared to be on the sides of my nose… i recently tried to do something about it so i did a little bit of research and my symptoms are closest to eczema… so i bought this E45 cream itch relief and used it… the itch was all gone but i had red patches… more obvious red patches than ever before!!! and then when i bath carefully without the shampoo sliding down my nose… i still see peelings after that… well.. i am a boy and don’t really care about looks actually… but it’s kinda annoying to know you have a skin disease. i saw articles saying that eczema has no cure… how sad… well good luck…and take care

  3. Chan, I read your blog article – don’t panic!! Its not quite that bad, and you do get used to it. Certainly try to go dairy-free, but don’t pin your hopes on it – sometimes there is no obvious trigger for eczema, and so your restrictive diet might be in vain.
    I suggest you get some advice from your GP about cutting out various things from your diet, but for goodness sake don’t try to cut out more than one thing at a time, or you’ll never tell which thing was irritating your eczema, not to mention you could give yourself even more problems by developing a deficiency illness!
    Go wheat-free OR dairy-free, but not both at the same time, and beef every now and then is good for you too.

  4. 4 Lauren

    My brother has suffered with eczema most of his life. Several years ago, however, my Mom figured out that he is allergic to Blue Dye No. 4. Its in several different foods along with some medicines. As long as he stays away from those foods, the eczema doesn’t flare up.
    I hope this helps you somehow
    Good Luck

  5. Did he suddenly become allergic to it or has it been like that forever?

    I don’t think mine is an allergy as it comes and goes and I can’t see a pattern.

    You could go crazy trying to monitor everything and work out a pattern as to what is your trigger…

  6. 6 cindy

    This is the first relief I’ve had in months. I’ve tried everything – salt water baths (does help somewhat), wheat eliminated from diet, many different creams, etc.

    For 2 days now the itch has subsided. I started taking a really good multi-vitamin called Platinum (Canadian company) it contains omega 3 fatty acids, and I also started taking acidophilus (enteric coated). Great relief so far – don’t know which one it is but has to be one of them. Also, the best cream I have found is called Lansinoh. It’s actually a breastfeeding cream, but is 100 percent pure (unlike regular lanolin). It’s really thick and sticky – but it is so soothing and healing, you have to keep applying it. It’s the only thing that has worked topically. Apparently it’s the closest to our skin’s PH.

    Also, try dead sea salt baths or make a solution of it and spray it on. My daughter had eczema that totally cleared up while in Cuba – swimming in salt water. It gets expensive so you can also do epsom salt baths.

    Good Luck!

  7. 7 sue

    I was in a store yesterday and was checking out the lotions (I’m always checking them out!), and came across a sample bottle of Dermal Therapy ( I was really itchy at the time, so tried a bit on my neck, which has been a really problematic area on me. Well, it stung like crazy, but after 10 mins. it subsided. My skin was not itchy for over 4 hours! I went back and bought a bottle (only $10 Canadian). I’ve only been using it for over 24 hrs. but I can tell you I haven’t had more than an hour without feeling the need to itch in probably 4 months. I can touch my neck now and the itching doesn’t flare up. It contains and ingredient call Urea – has anyone heard of it? Has anyone treated their eczema with it? The company says that it’s normal that my skin would sting at first, because water is entering the damaged cells, but over time it will subside. Please try this product, or one with this ingredient (Urea) – I’d love to hear if others have any luck.

  8. Sue, ‘urea’ is an organic compound found in your blood. Your kidneys remove it from the blood and it is expelled as waste through your urine, normally. It has been an ingredient in eczema creams for a while. I’m glad it seems to be helping you!

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