This isn’t about eczema, but it is about skin.

I sat in the woods on Sunday watching field archery. I didn’t notice anything in particular crawling or flying up my trouser-legs to eat me, but 24 hours later I have a collection of cherry-red, roundish flattened blisters grouped around the area of my lower legs, just above my sock line. The bugs had been munching me, and the bites were now very itchy.

They haven’t gone down over the last three days, either. My skin has reacted to them more than I would have expected. Mind you, I was bitten by a horse-fly for the first time a few years ago, and after a week, the bite areas swelled, got very hot, and itchy and created large dome-shaped blisters full of fluid under pressure. I hate to think what will happen if I get bitten again by one…..

At least these are relatively painless.


4 Responses to “Bites”

  1. 1 ablue

    Oh I hate it when that happens. That’s pretty nice that they’re relatively painless, stinging throbbing ones can drive you crazy.

    And thank you for adding my blog to your list!

  2. I got bitten by ants in the summer and had massive read lumps over my chest.

    Do you think being susceptible to eczema is linked to reacting badly to bites and other skin irritations?

  3. Probably. The bites I described in this post are still visible (though quite faded now) on my legs more than 8 weeks later.

  4. 4 Kayla Gardner

    Sounds like you have come across a little hassle known as chiggers. They live in stuff like tall grass or dead logs and stumps. These are little tiny bugs that bite into your skin. You can’t see them but you know that they are there. To get rid of them is easy. Paint a little clear nail polish on top of where it itches. The nail polish will cut off their oxygen. No more itch. I came across those once when I sat on a dead log while hunting. I learned this trick the next day. I didn’t end up with just bites on my legs though… Kayla

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