Allergy – to tapes


I’ve just been in hospital to have surgery on my ankle, and when I got there the nursing staff asked me if I was allergic to anything. Oh, yes I said. I’m allergic to lots of things – nothing that will kill me, fortunately, but plently that will make my life uncomfortable.

Fortunately I’m not allergic to foods or drugs, but I am rather allergic to adhesive dressings and medical tapes.

What elastoplast?

Yes. And micropore, and transpore, and virtually every other kind of surgical/medical dressing that contains a glue to stick it on. Even the ones which are for people with sensitive skin, the hypoallergenic ones, make me come out in a hot, red itchy rash which lasts for a few days.   

Oh. Said the nurse. But we’re going to have to stick things to you during the surgery.

Yes, I said. I know. Please just don’t stick anything to me if you don’t have to, and if you do have to – try not to leave it in place for more than an hour.

Right, she said, and wandered off looking puzzled.  

She came back with a red ‘alert’ bracelet for me to wear, so that everyone who saw me knew what was wrong.

So I had my operation. They did as I asked (welcome to private health care!), and I didn’t have a reaction. The special clear-sticky thing that held my cannula (needle) into the back of my hand was the only thing I had on for a while (about 15 hours) – and as luck would have it – I didn’t react to it!!


Meanwhile, my eczema patches (the ones on my tummy) are getting worse. Meh.  


2 Responses to “Allergy – to tapes”

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  2. Hi!

    I came from Indonesia.

    The eczema is actually better when my wife and I stayed in the UK for two years (in Wolverhampton, West Midlands). Returned from the UK, the eczema is there again. Oh, well… life goes on.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting on

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