Aggghhhhh…. I can resist no more.

I just have to scratch those patches of eczema on my tummy. I know I’ll regret it. Even as I do it, I know I will pay for it, but for one beautiful, perfect moment, it feels good…….


One Response to “Divine”

  1. 1 cindy

    I came across a You Tube cure for eczema (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iw1onoS0T3Y). It sounded pretty crazy but I was really desperate, so thought I’d try it. You cook dry white rice until black, then grind it up as much as possible, adding a little water at a time until a black paste is formed. Rub it on the eczema areas and apparently itching stops and cured his son’s eczema. I tried it this morning and not an itch since. It did sting going on (but everything stings on my skin when I first apply it) and did make the skin on my neck really tight for awhile, but not itchy & my wrists have not been itchy for hours. I normally cannot touch my neck without intense itching afterward – but I can since applying this paste. Check out the website – I’d love to know if it works for others. The best part is that the itching has stopped (5 hrs. of freedom!), but the 2nd best thing is it’s cheap. I’m so sick of spending money on creams that don’t work! (every cream on the internet says it cures eczema, ha!) It looks horrible on your skin, but if you’re an eczema suffer that will not even be an issue – anything to get rid of the itch!

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