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In my last post I told you that a company had asked me to try a product and let you know what I thought of it. I have been using a sample of Dermasalve Body Cream (see here for more information on it), for three of four weeks now, and I have to say I quite like it.

The company which produce it say that it contains no common skin senitisers – and considering I’m allergic to a great many thngs which come into contact with my skin, all I can tell you is – it was nice stuff to use, and certainly didn’t give me any problems. It is creamy, but fairly thin and easy to put on. It gets absorbed quickly by your skin, so you don’t have to spread it on thick and worry about rubbing it off again by accident, which I really liked. The blurb on the back says it works for around 12 hours, and even though I’m not entirely convinced of that, it certainly helped me get to sleep without scratching when I had used it at least twice in the same day.

The best combination for me was a quick soak in the bath using Sanex dermo protector bath cream in the morning, apply the dermasalve body cream particularly to the two nasty dry patches of eczema, but also to my fairly dry legs (if I had time!), heels and elbows. Get dressed and go to work. At bed-time, reapply the dermasalve to the dry patches and get a good night’s scratch-free sleep. I would say it took me a good few days to feel the greatest benefit, but certainly a good feeling straight away. After a few weeks of this routine, my dry patches are feeling a lot softer, smoother and more hydrated. They haven’t gone completely, but I wonder if they ever will….

I’ve been looking to see where I could buy some from in my local area, and I can’t find a local retailer, although their website does say Lloyds chemists stock their products. I’ll check mine and let you know. You can also buy online from PN4H. Its about £6 for 100ml, but I think a little goes a long way. I certainly haven’t finished my 20ml sample tube after a good month – but then I haven’t been covering a huge area of skin.

What more can I say except – give it a go!

 Spaniel xx 


11 Responses to “Dermasalve Trial”

  1. 1 SH

    Hi Spaniel,

    As a fellow sufferer and having had my reliable skin cream for the past 10 years change formula – Vaseline Dermacare I am currently struggling to find a replacement that I don`t react to.

    Can you give me the exact ingredient list as they fail to do so on the website.


  2. 2 SH

    Hi Spaniel,

    Scrap that last comment – found them on your link to PN4H.

    PS have you ever tried Elave – they are another company claiming no nasty chemicals.


  3. Hi SH – yes, I use Elave shower gel. They’re good too!

  4. 4 SH


    Cheers for the feedback – keep us posted on Dermasalve.

    Bit annoying that some of these new brands are quite expensive.


  5. where can i buy the cream? is it really works?

  6. Gerard, see here:
    or look for a local lloyds pharmacy.


  7. It was great to come across this post. We are always researching products and solutions for our clients, and what better way is there than seeing what others are swearing by! So thank you for the resource!
    We just posted information on eczema (among many other topics), so feel free to check it out (part II will be coming soon!):

    To your skin’s health!
    The Derma Divas.

  8. This is very hot info. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

  9. Dermasalve is now available from With regular articles on skin care this is helpful site for skin disorders.
    Orders placed before 3.00 pm are delivered next day throughout the UK

  10. Skin Salveation also supply the famous laundry powder that was featured in The Daily Mail as ‘a miracle cure for eczema’ Designed by UK Doctors it has been used widely by families for over 18 years to treat eczema. Read more at Definately worth visting the site.

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