Sore again


Haven’t posted for quite a while – things have been busy, but my dry patches haven’t been too bad, really.

But today I’m sore again, and I think its a combination of stress, heat and uncomfortable clothing.

Unfortunately my local chemist isn’t stocking Elave shower gel at the moment, so I’m going to have to order online again, but to be honest its no hardship. The cost isn’t much difference, and they always send me trial samples of other products, so its well worth it.

Hope you’re all doing OK.

Spaniel xx


11 Responses to “Sore again”

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  3. Edwin, the phrase “The human immune system is wise and correct.” makes me wonder about you. But the post gets worse. This all sounds like mumbo-jumbo to me.
    You sound like faith healer.

    Ron, Wht you have there sounds very interesting. The only thing it your website looked a bit amateur, and was so full of text I found it difficult to read easily and gave up. Interesting theory though.

    Spaniel xx

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  5. My son suffered terribly with eczema when he was younger. The sleepless nights we had – my husband used to sleep with Sam on his chest holding his arms so that he wouldnt scratch in his sleep. The constant flare ups were hell. I wouldnt wish eczema (particularly in children as young ones do not understand the implications of scratching) on anyone. I put together a blog on Sams eczema at

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