Curse of the anti-persp…. I think?


Well, I’ve had a week or so off over christmas, which has been lovely, but I’m suffering. Time off really doesn’t seem to agree with me!

I’ve told you before of the two dry patches on either side of my tummy – which are annoying, and have been there years now. Sometimes they’re better, sometimes they’re worse. About two weeks ago, my need to scratch became overwhelming, especially at night, and I suddenly realised it wasn’t just the two ‘normal’ spots on my tummy. I realised I have another small area of dry on my right side, further up, under my breast, and that most of my back, just below waistband level was dry and red-looking.

Bloody annoying, I can tell you for nothing!

What’s changed?

I’ve been in the house in the central-heating a bit more, and I’ve been using a different anti-perspirant. One that promised to be kind to skin.

I guess it lied.

I’m going back to my old one again – to see if it gets better.



3 Responses to “Curse of the anti-persp…. I think?”

  1. I’ve been using Dricolor antiperspirant and that is unbelievably harsh on my skin.

    When I put it on it feels like it is burning for about an hour after application!

    But it works so well I can’t say no haha

  2. 2 Alex

    Hello my little suffer from terrible eczema we have tried lots different products some which I was not very happy to use since they are full of nasty chemicals, however a friend of mine recommend a natural soap with Argan oil some I did some research on Argan oil and decided to buy a bar of soap from a website called claude & I received the soap within a few day and start to use it strait away. I was very impressed with the result my little girl stopped scratching (she used to scratch until she was bleeding), I can’t recommend this products enough and since it’s natural and hand made there is no bad effect to it. The only things I recommend try to avoid using it on open skin it can only hurt a bit like any soap. The soap cost me £4.99 for a bloc of 250g or 275g I have also use this soap for shaving it’s very good for this purpose since it doesn’t irritate my skin. I think it’s the best product I have used compare to all the products with horrible chemicals in them. I hope you find this post good and that you will try this soap if you do please let me know your thought

  3. hmm, I wonder if that Aran oil is available in the US?

    Ive read that antipersperant is bad as it blocks your lymph nodes. just doesnt seem right to me, something that clogs your sweat pores?

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