E45 lotion and cotton vests


I’m doing my best to put a barrier between my skin and my outer clothes at the moment by liberally rubbing in E45 (the lotion is easier to cover larger areas than the ordinary cream) and then covering my torso and hips with a cotton vest. Not the sexiest underwear, but it does seem to be helping a little.

Oh, and I’ve started using Surcare liquid for my washing, which I hope will also help!


10 Responses to “E45 lotion and cotton vests”

  1. 1 Ros Battershill

    Maybe you should also take a look at DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing instead of cotton because these garments are specifically designed for people with eczema and very dry skin conditions. I’ve foundthem to be fantastic in stopping the itching and scratching.
    Take a look at http://www.dermasilk.co.uk.
    Hope this helps.

  2. 2 Kevin

    Be careful with that e45 – it contains lanolin and most people with eczema cannot tolerate it.

    It drives me nuts and the one ccassion I used it caused a pretty nasty flare up.

  3. I would second that about being careful with the e45. Lanolin caused my eczema to become even more irritated.

  4. Long time sufferer, first time poster. If any of you get free perscritpions, i recommend “Eucerin”, otherwise it costs £12 a pop. The 10% Urea in it works wonders for me – sure sometimes it burns but it cleared me from hating myself (or the appearance i gave myself) to a much calmer, nicer skin. Be sure to get the lotion, i think it’s less concentrated than the cream and it covers like E45. (Easily)

  5. 5 Trudy

    A natural/ chemical free laundry detergent is very important when you have eczema. Here is one that i would definitely recommend:
    They are a bit different to your normal washing detergent. They are plastic balls that you fill with the chemical free detergent, the powder lasts a lot longer than normal detergent so you only have to refill every 3 months or so. Check it out!

  6. How have you found the Surcare? I use non-bio washing liquid but I’m not sure it is related to that.

  7. After suffering from eczema for 5 years and trying every product on the market, the only product I would recommend relieve the symptoms of eczema is Robertson’s Medicated Skin Repairing Ointment. Robertson’s is a natural formula which helps to reduce the inflammation of eczema and also clear up any skin infections. It moisturses the most extreme dry skin and helps to stop the itching associated with eczema. After using Robertson’s for one week, my eczema completely clear up! This truly is a wonderful cream!

  8. Steve – since you’re recommending the product your company sells (which always makes me dubious) how about sending me a sample? I’ll give it a go and see if it works for me….

  9. 9 Di Pearson

    Saw the Dermasilk at a nearby National Eczema Society meeting in Guildford and was told they were available on prescription.
    Got some for my daugher this week and the difference has been quite dramatic. i’ve had 3 nights uninterrupted sleep for the first time in 18 months! It was a bit of a problem convincing my GP to prescribe the suit but i’m going to take Jenny back to see her on Wednesday to show her the difference. i might even buy some for myself. shame the adult clothes aren’t on prescription.

  10. Thanks for that info Di! I had no idea you could get clothes on prescription (albeit for kids only). Let us know how she gets on over the next few weeks.

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