Heating and winter


I have realised that the reason my skin flares up in the winter, is not for any reason other than the heating and the cold weather! My skin dries out, and gets sore. Simple!

Bring on the warmer weather!


5 Responses to “Heating and winter”

  1. 1 Gavin

    We have been making and selling our electronic water conditioners for 10 years now. Many people have claimed some or even total relief from eczema once having fitted these simple units.

    We offer a full 12 month “no quibble” guarantee so if you don’t like the products for any reason , you can return it.

    Have a look at our site http://www.littleplumber.com and see what you think.

    It’s more the hardness in the water than the coldness in the weather I think!

  2. I recommend using a humidifier in the home. A cheap way is also to place a wet towel or bowl of water next to your heaters – works a charm!
    I have more tips for eczema on my blog:

  3. We’ve had some ecouraging results in helping the symptoms of eczema through the use of newgenn products – natural ingredients that are no where near as aggressive on your skin as some ‘off the shelf’ stuff. One lady was caring for her mother who had outbreaks on her upper torso – using newgenn wet wipes to help with hygeine reduced the outbreak enough for her to write to us about it.

  4. 4 Edwin

    Ahh, keep it cheap and put a (non-plastic) bowl of water on top of the radiator.

  5. Also try to avoid any water based cream during winter, use regenerative or hydrophilic oil with respect to your skin type. These are gentle to your skin and do not drasticaly react on temperature change.

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